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17 Mar 2018

Everything is a duck, or not?

I didn’t post anything in a while again… maybe this time it will be better. This post will be short,...

27 Nov 2017

Reflections over modules in java 9, part 2

In last post we used unsafe to break module system, in this post I will show other ways for doing...

08 Nov 2017

Reflections over modules in java 9

In Java 9 we have a new module system, I will not write much about it, as there are already...

08 Oct 2017

Default hashcode in java and biased locking

I see a lot of people asking in many places how default hashcode is implemented? And in many places I...

17 Sep 2017

Performance of java, part 3

Sorry for no updates for such long time, but I just had a lot of other problems. Posts should be...

17 Jul 2017

Performance of java, part 2

Previous posts: 1. Introduction, primitives, random and modulo After first post I was asked to do a test of: Using...

09 Jul 2017

Performance of java, part 1

This will be a small series about java performance, bigger and smaller tips what you should and what you should...

24 Jun 2017

Dynamic enums in java

In java we have enum types, they might be great to describe some constant stuff, like days of week. But...

11 Jun 2017

Performance of event bus

(Benchmark is at the bottom) When creating diorite I needed to have some efficient and advanced event bus, one of...

04 Jun 2017

Weird class loading and verification behavior

Something about interesting behavior of java class loading… Imagine 4 different classes: class A { public static UnknownType field; }...